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Inspired by my real life. My introduction.

"I am the number 7. Born in '77, the 7th oldest in my household as a child, I run exactly 7 miles, 7 days a week, add my name, divided it by two and we have 7 again you see. My home address begins with 7, with 7 principles that I keep: love , peace, understanding, happiness, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. 7 is my claim to fame but it has nothing to do with luck. And more? My debit card starts with 7, I recognized the other day, the 7th month is when I wrote this, what more can I say? I'm one step closer to the number 8 infinity ∞ a new beginning awaits." ~ Eric Ahmad Smith written on 7/7/20 1+6....

p.s. There's 14 sevens in my short poem above. Keep trying to Divide me and mine..and watch us...grow more 7's and gain more 9's. Hahaha. Peace to all my peeps that still believe in unity. The only way to have true balance is on the measurement of Maat...which is found through the 7 (energy centers of the body) called the chakras.

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