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No Place Like Hawaii

By E. Ahmad

I live in a state where everyday is like a holiday, they shoot fireworks on Friday. Where love is written in the law. Where the beach is like a spar. It has a city called Waikiki, which never sleeps and has places where tourist never get to see, where the locals be, I call serenity, where I live in Ewa Beach, where you pronounce the W like a V. It's the most remote destiny, full of palm trees and broken dreams, where bicycles go faster than a dodge, because of traffic, and pot wholes will ruin cars, they are on every street. Where city have no parking, and at the neighbors place, it's common courtesy to remove shoes from my feet...where everyone is surfing, skateboarding or passing by driving. In the middle of the day, there's glimpse of mongoose play. Where the birds don't mind begging in the worst way. Tropic sun raises, and sunsets. Where local time, meant we will see you after on time. Where food is better served with da kine. A place where every month there's at least one holiday. A place where people work on Sunday to Sunday. A place where you either love it or hate. Where driving mo-pads ride between cars at stop lights and every lane has a bike...holding traffic with no lights to see them at night and there's days where you go for hikes...just because the weather is nice. It's a place that winter time is like a summer breeze, where you either on the mountain or ocean side of the street....this is Hawaii...growing on me no other place I rather be. ~ E. Ahmad just sharing my place of destiny.

Time can't be managed. The only thing we can truly manage are our day to day activities - Eric Ahmad Smith

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