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The Mounds of North America

Our past covered by green grass.

We are the builders of the mounds. Our truth remains buried in the ground. What if, every mountain that you see, was once a great city? Then will you allow your mind to be, the catalyst of what your physical eyes can’t see? You can’t hear me. Exploring the possibilities, seek, now imagine that, but live in 3D. Opened minds will and can receive this.

I am the meek that inherit the earth. Blessed but was told, that I was cursed at birth. I believed that until: I found facts, tracing years back, with anthropology documents and artifacts. Found deep down in the earth, temples of God’s that look just like me. Ancient cities symbolizing my genius being itched in stone....I have the birth right to call America my home.

Once a throne, long before Christopher Columbus knew...filled with crafts now I’m aware....this is more than conscious talk, claims and things. This is my truth story, covered up with and by something green ...what’s displayed in the book, is not really my we seek last...the truth can be found, buried in the ground. Now I see, who I am, and from which I came...E. Ahmad on a journey to reclaim... I reveal grassy things.

Inspired by indigenous people of America soil.

When your vision becomes bigger than your living space, you will surely have to move. - Eric A. Smith

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